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Sunday, July 25, 2010

OPI Nail Polish

ALL @ $20.

SUEDE series: Where mignight meets purple
SUEDE series: Russian navy
SUEDE series: Plum
SUEDE series: Jade gold
SUEDE series: Shimmer grey.
Night bright series: Sparkling violet blue
Night bright series: luxurious blackish purple
South beach series: sizzling red orange
South beach series: racy red violet
South beach series: nude shade
South beach series: flamingo reddy pink
South beach series: vivid purple
South beach series: shade of lilac
South beach series: party in cabana
South beach series: paint my toes red
South beach series: Innocent light pink
Princess Series: Who needs a prince
Princess Series: Princess rule
Princess Series: Who needs a date tonight.
Russian Series: Vodka & Caviar
Russian Series: Siberian nights
Russian Series: Russian navy
Russian Series: maroon glimmer
Russian Series: Gold touch of sunshine
Russian Series: Dark Chocolate.
India Series: royal blue
India Series: royal ruby
India Series: bloody red
India Series: black cherry
Hong Kong Series: tangeriney
Hong Kong Series: Blue feng shui

Hong Kong Series: Red fortune cookie
Hong Kong Series: pearl of wisdom
Hong Kong Series: panda monium pink
Hong Kong Series: meet me on the star ferry
Hong Kong Series: Lucky lucky lavender
Hong Kong Series: Jade is the new black
Hong Kong Series: hot & spicy
Hong Kong Series: dim sum plum
Hong Kong Series: burnt orange creme
Hong Kong Series: Bling Dynasty
Bright series: shimmery pink lilac
Bright series:no rooms for blue
Bright series:hot pink
Bright series: glam glittery pink
Bright series: green grape
Bright series: do you Lilac it
Bright series: Lemon yellow
Bright series- Golden Glitter

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